Acrylic Art Landscapes by Jane Goodfellow

Acrylic brush iconWhy choose an acrylic landscape?

If you have a tight deadline for a gift, such as a birthday, anniversary, etc., an acrylic landscape is the way to go – it’s the quickest painting to do as the paint dries fast. The texture and depth of colour are not quite as rich as in an oil painting, but most of us really can’t tell the difference. So if you’re in a hurry for a special present, acrylic is the way to go.

Note: In any medium, a particular, detailed background will cost more than a simple one as it will take longer to paint.

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How to commission me


  1. Look at the different media (pencil, oil, etc.) and pick your favourite.
  2. Think of a size, either to fit an existing frame, or any size you'd like your final picture to be.
  3. Find a few photos of your pet/person/scenery.
  4. Complete the CONTACT form and upload your photos.
  5. Done! It's that simple!
    I will contact you with a quote.

Illustrations / Logos / Graphic Design

  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. Under DETAILS fill in your requirements and I will contact you to discuss.


  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. In the DETAILS field, outline what you require, and I will contact you.

Buy a Gift Voucher

If the portrait is to be a surprise gift and you can't get hold of photos without giving the game away, why not give a Gift Voucher? The recipient can then send me her/his favourite photos.

Details on Gift Voucher page.

Jane Goodfellow Gift Voucher


Commissioning me (whether for an artwork, or for writing and editing), couldn't be easier - just click on the Contact Me button, fill out the form and I'll get back to you

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