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Grabbing a pencil and starting to draw comes naturally to me, and I take great pleasure in feeling the pencil slip across the paper – and I’m always happy with the results! Pencil drawings have a timeless, subtle appeal, and as they need no drying time, they are quicker to draw and hence less expensive than mixed media and paintings, so if you have a tight budget, go for a pencil drawing (or biro, which costs the same).

NOTE: Pencil drawings/sketches have a traditional look that’s always popular

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How to commission me


  1. Look at the different media (pencil, oil, etc.) and pick your favourite.
  2. Think of a size, either to fit an existing frame, or any size you'd like your final picture to be.
  3. Find a few photos of your pet/person/scenery.
  4. Complete the CONTACT form and upload your photos.
  5. Done! It's that simple!
    I will contact you with a quote.

Illustrations / Logos / Graphic Design

  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. Under DETAILS fill in your requirements and I will contact you to discuss.


  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. In the DETAILS field, outline what you require, and I will contact you.

Buy a Gift Voucher

If the portrait is to be a surprise gift and you can't get hold of photos without giving the game away, why not give a Gift Voucher? The recipient can then send me her/his favourite photos.

Details on Gift Voucher page.

Jane Goodfellow Gift Voucher


Commissioning me (whether for an artwork, or for writing and editing), couldn't be easier - just click on the Contact Me button, fill out the form and I'll get back to you

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