Portraits of the pet or person you love

Portraits: turning a photograph into a work of art

Whether you want a painting of your dog, cat, horse, or child, I can paint a portrait of any animal or person from photographs – in your choice of oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, biro, or mixed media.

Having an original portrait painted or sketched from your favourite photograph(s) creates a work of art that will be cherished and enjoyed for a long time to come, and will be a conversation piece in your home. It will be a treasured memento of a special time in a beloved pet or person’s life, and will give you  – or its recipient if a gift – years of pleasure.

It could be a painting or sketch of one pet or child, or a combination of several pets, or of pets, children, and adults. Take a look in the Biro gallery at “Sue’s Five” to see how a group drawing of several family members might look. And if you’re short of time, a Gift Voucher will give the recipient something to look forward to, as they can order their own painting!

Animal portraits

Mixed media portrait of "Lucy" a mischievous Jack Russell

Mixed media artwork of ‘Lucy’ a mischievous Jack Russell

I love animals, and I love drawing them. I’ve been blessed to have shared my life with capricious cats, a hyper-intelligent dog, and a horse that knew me better than I know myself, so I know just how much a beloved pet can mean to its family.

An original, bespoke hand-drawn portrait in pencil or biro, or a hand-painted portrait in oil, watercolour, acrylic or mixed media is a wonderful memento of a special pet – give one to someone you love, or spoil yourself!

I work mainly from photographs, firstly because – with pets in particular – the little darlings won’t sit still long enough for me to draw them, secondly they may be on the other side of the world and I don’t always have the pleasure of meeting them, and finally and sadly, quite frequently with my pet commissions, the pets have passed on before I’m asked to draw them.

In addition to photographs, I usually ask for a bit of background info about your pet’s personality, as this helps considerably when I’m drawing/painting.

I undertake commissions of any size, from a small black and white drawing to a large oil painting, so I can accommodate most budgets.

Portraits of people

Watercolour portrait of "Anna’s Grandson Tigue"

Watercolour of ‘Anna’s Grandson Tigue’

Again, I work chiefly from photographs, although if you’re willing to pay extra for my travelling expenses, I’d love to meet the subject of the painting, and do some sketching on the spot. (The same applies to animal portraits.)

Portraits of children are popular gifts for grandparents, and are a fun reminder of a particular time in your child’s life. These are usually ordered in September/October to ensure they’ll be complete by Christmas. Or order one for each child – when they’ve grown up they will really treasure their  customised portraits .

A portrait is a wonderful gift for any occasion

If you’re stuck for ideas for a man’s gift, a birthday or Thank You gift, a Christmas gift for grandparents, or a gift for any reason at all, then an original, hand-painted portrait is an excellent solution!


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How to commission me


  1. Look at the different media (pencil, oil, etc.) and pick your favourite.
  2. Think of a size, either to fit an existing frame, or any size you'd like your final picture to be.
  3. Find a few photos of your pet/person/scenery.
  4. Complete the CONTACT form and upload your photos.
  5. Done! It's that simple!
    I will contact you with a quote.

Illustrations / Logos / Graphic Design

  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. Under DETAILS fill in your requirements and I will contact you to discuss.


  1. Complete the CONTACT form
  2. In the DETAILS field, outline what you require, and I will contact you.

Buy a Gift Voucher

If the portrait is to be a surprise gift and you can't get hold of photos without giving the game away, why not give a Gift Voucher? The recipient can then send me her/his favourite photos.

Details on Gift Voucher page.

Jane Goodfellow Gift Voucher


Commissioning me (whether for an artwork, or for writing and editing), couldn't be easier - just click on the Contact Me button, fill out the form and I'll get back to you

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