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Jane Goodfellow Gift Vouchers

Jane Goodfellow Gift Voucher

Would you like to give a customised portrait or landscape as a gift, but you’ve left it too late ? Depending on how busy I am, a drawing takes about 3 days; a painting, either landscape or portrait, takes 1 – 4 weeks; plus posting time.

Or can you not easily get hold of the necessary photographs without giving the game away?

Give them a Jane Goodfellow Gift Voucher!

Buying a Gift Voucher

Choose your amount, then pay either via PayPal, or contact me via the Contact Page to arrange electronic payment. Once I have received your payment, I will email you your numbered Gift Voucher to download and print.

The following prices are for A4 (12” x 8”) portraits on a simple background, or simple A4 (12” x 8”) landscapes. For larger drawings/paintings if you have a bigger budget, please contact me via the Contact Page.

£ 50 Portrait 1 pet or 1 person Technique: Pencil or Biro

£ 100 Portrait 2 pets or 2 people or 1 pet + 1 person Technique: Pencil or Biro Contact me
£ 120 Portrait 1 pet or 1 person Technique: Watercolour or Mixed Media

£ 150 Portrait 1 pet or 1 person Technique: Oil or Acrylic portrait

£ 100 Landscape Technique: Pencil or Biro Contact me
£ 120 Landscape Technique: Simple Watercolour or Mixed Media; or more detailed Pencil or Biro

£ 150 Landscape Technique: Oil or Acrylic; or more detailed Watercolour

Note 1: won’t draw or paint more than 2 portrait subjects to fit A4 – it is too small to get good detail. I would prefer to discuss your requirements and work out a quote for your bespoke painting once I know what you’d like. For larger sizes, complex backgrounds, and/or more subjects, please contact me to discuss.
Note 2: Prices exclude P&P, which are location-dependant and will be quoted separately.
Note 3: I may request a couple more photos (if you have any) once I’ve seen the one you’d like me to base the painting/drawing on.; other views are helpful for me to understand the profile/bone structure.

Redeeming a Gift Voucher

If you have been given a Gift Voucher, please go to Contact, fill in the form, upload your photos, and I will contact you to discuss.

Terms and Conditions

  • Gift Voucher is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Portraits are shipped unframed. If you would like me to handle the framing, this will cost extra – let me know on the Contact form and we can discuss your requirements.
  • Framed artwork can only be delivered within the UK. Unframed work can, however, be mailed overseas.
  • The amount on the voucher does not cover postage and packaging. This will be quoted separately and depends on geographical location.

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